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Mythical Memory Cultured Magazine

A huge thanks to Cultured Magazine for this interview and feature.

"For our latest Cultured Commission, we tapped Brooklyn-based artist Kimia Ferdowsi Kline to create an edition of her Andromeda and Two Arabian Fish. Because her family left Iran before she was born and cannot return due to persecution of the Baha’i faith, Ferdowsi Kline remains fascinated by the images, language, and literature of a place she can never visit. In past series, she has created mythical and fantastic Iranian landscapes that are part fact, part fiction. In her latest series of paintings, which debuted at Detroit’s Elaine. L. Jacob Gallery on April 8, the artist drew inspiration from the ancient Persian book of fables, “Kalila and Dimna.” Here, the artist talks about Persian garden design, Matisse, and using Instagram as a window into Iranian life."

Continue reading here.

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